Beth Carey, User Experience Design + Product Management Social Networking Website

Work Samples Social Networking Website

Role: Lead User Experience Designer, then transitioned to Product Manager / Agile Scrum Master

Responsible For:

- Actionable user research and usability testing 
- Sitemaps and wireframes
- Scheduling and guiding the design and dev team through agile iterations, a large, successful teen community web site based on bulletin boards/forums. In 2006, I was hired to lead the User Experience redesign of that would rebrand as not just social networking but creative networking amongst teens and young people - primarily user generated video and photo uploads. Flickr and YouTube had just become The Next Big Things. 

I was in charge of hiring, managing and mentoring a small team of 2 IA/UX people. I led redesigns of, and a steady steam of custom client promotions.

Shortly after starting as Lead IA/UX, the VP of Product Development left and, as I had already proved that I could lead the IA/UX, graphics and developers, the executives asked if I wanted a promotion in which I could do just that in addition to overseeing the IA/UX as Director of Product Development. In this expanded role, I helped the execs prioritize their business needs - primarily the next new features to implement including sponsored ads, analyzed weekly analytics data to see where the site needed to address user and business needs, and worked closely with the technical group lead to determine what would go into each sprint. I loved working directly with engineers and developers and making sure everyone had what they needed to get their work done. I led daily morning 5 minute standing meetings in traditional scrum style. 


I probably would have stayed at Bolt forever, but the company folded due to financial issues.